Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why Press Releases

Press releases are not ads. We are not actually selling anything. Media people are looking for an angle or a story that would interest their readers. They want to know things like: "What's in it for my readers? Why will my readers care about this piece of information?"

"Why will the media like you? What do you offer that's different than any other press release? What's so special about you? Why will someone want to read more about you?" Chances are what seduces you probably won't seduce the media.

I have included some ideas for newsworthy events and a link to a site that lists "high-profile events and occasions that are of specific importance to your audience and make great promotional opportunities."

You’d be amazed at how you can tie-in your business with some of these events for newsworthy releases. Did you know March is National Umbrella Month. "Bring an umbrella to donate to ____ and get a discount on service."

Hope this is useful for you.

Flourish and Prosper,