Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Jon and Eileen Show

Folks always seem to want to know what we are up to since leaving Los Angeles. Here is a quick update on what's happening here in Raleigh, NC on what I call "The Jon and Eileen Show."


Jon is busy writing his next story/novel? We'll see where it goes.

Nina Knows the Night is at our editor Alice Osborn. NKTK follows the adventures of Nina Richardson a mild-mannered law school dropout who becomes a kick-butt heroine after innocently acquiring a metal case filled with military-like weapons. Determined to knock out the growing crime in her formerly posh-turned-run-down urban neighborhood she discovers her superpowers to be her own inner-strength and purpose.

The Trasaron Chronicles is now available and will be on Amazon and others sites soon. This character driven sci-fi novel explores survival, interpersonal relationships and quality of life when many of Earth's population are displaced elsewhere. Always riveting and often humorous, Trasaron captivates the reader in an ever-evolving tale set on an inhospitable world. $24.95 + $5.00 S&H in the USA BUY NOW

JON BATSON: THE PUBLISHER - Midnight Whistler Publishers

He is working with Beverly Eakman and her latest book, Walking Targets. She has been invited to speak at a number of conferences and the books and DVDs are selling well. $24.95 + $5.00 S&H in the USA BUY NOW


Jon is entertaining folks at the retirement facilities with songs they remember of the 30's and 40's; he did the Festival of the Eno, is booked to sing at the Carrboro Festival the end of September as well as some local gigs. Next one is Saturday August 9 at the
Gulf Rim Cafe in Hillsborough. He is also booking talent for the NCSC Summer Showcase there.

EILEEN BATSON: Batson Group Marketing and PR
Walking Targets - Just penned a deal with The Hollywood Education & Literacy Project in Miami with Barbie Rivera H.E.L.P. Miami- They are using the sale of the book as a fundraiser. Also a putting together a deal with a successful tutoring group in Burbank and a chiropractor to carry the book.
NC Songwriting Contest - Chose this year to help promote it. Last year I was the Director and am unable to put in the time for that. Deadline is September 30th,

New Clients for PR - White Pear - Delicious Bath and Body Products, Design Mill Faux Finish Studio, Alice Osborn - Writer/Seminarist, Crowley4Carpets, Fresh Faces by Lauren, Coffee and Contacts their upcoming Lunch and Learns with Susan Hite August 21st and Barbara Hemphill October 9th.

I have expanded my line of product offering to include a variety of top-of-the-line home care products; skincare, anti-aging solutions and cosmetics; and supplements - the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on its own certified organic farms. I am continuing to focus on my gift program for individuals and busineses, so whatever you need, let me know. Use referral # 1645629


This is an awesome group of women in business started by Jeanne Moyer (EcoBroker) and Jean Hedges (author and mortgage broker). We now have eight chapters in North Carolina and growing. I organize the one that meets at the Royal Bean on Thursdays. Check us out at