Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For Immediate Release: Author and Certified Coach Betsy Smith of E. L. Smith Consulting Helps Women Reclaim Their Strength and Confidence

With economic conditions in flux, more women are facing situations that demand greater self-confidence. Certified Coach Betsy Smith, PhD, ACC helps women find and apply their strengths to maximize their personal excellence through one-on-one coaching and workshops.

Raleigh, NC, April 15,2009 - Coaching has become one of the leading means used to help people focus on what matters most. Through regular coaching sessions, men and women identify and learn to focus their thoughts, words, and actions, to align with their personal and professional goals to achieve the lives they really want and love, no matter what their age.

"Each of us is gifted with talents, strengths and skills – yet too often, we fail to make the most of them in order to succeed." said Betsy Smith Co-author of the soon to be released book Second Blooming for Women: Growing a Life that Matters after Fifty."

She went on to say, "Today, women who live to 50 without cancer or heart disease, have a life expectancy of another 40 years. As a group, Boomers pulled women out of traditional roles. These women are the first generation to have built a variety of skills outside the home and are accustomed to planning their own lives and have no role models to look to in this ‘second half of life.’"

Smith, a 50+ woman herself, coaches clients to draw out the best in themselves and others by observing communication styles and the relationship building processes. She focuses on the differences between people and concentrates on what is special and distinct about each person.

Her upcoming workshop in the Raleigh area May 7th is based on a chapter in Second Blooming and uses the book and assessment Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. The assessment highlights a person’s top five strengths and talents – themes - that Smith helps clients put into practice and utilize to boost/strengthen weaker areas.

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About Elizabeth. L. "Betsy" Smith, PhD
Betsy, a well-known speaker, facilitator, and seminar presenter began E. L. Smith Consulting in 2005. In her role as Executive Leadership Coach, Smith holds certification from the International Coach Federation and is an Associate of the Strategic Executive Coaching Alliance. She has a number of published articles covering women in business, retirement issues and leadership. She is co-author with Kathleen Vestal Logan, M.S., M.A., of their upcoming book Second Blooming for Women: Growing a Life that Matters After Fifty. Reach Betsy at Phone: 919.521.4734

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