Sunday, June 7, 2009

Coffee and Contacts' Women Helping Women Business Expo a huge success

Came upon a great magnet I'd like to share... "those who say it cannot be done shouldn't interrupt the people doing it."

Thanks to the team of determined women who pulled off this incredible event

Jean Hedges for the idea for a "vendor blender" that took on a life of it's own after the Executive Committee, Sallie Matlack, Dotty Bryn, Cyndi Bulka and myself, Eileen Batson got our hands on it.

The Raffle Coordinator Claudia Acosta and Director Monique Ruvido
Room Set-up Coordinator Monique Woolley and her Team - Jenna Boyd, Denise Whitley, Yvonne Hanks

Volunteer Coordinator Dawn Gupton and her Team - Letha Costin, Diane Moore, Phran Gatcher, Fay Sanders, Tonya Palmer, Chanda Tunstall, and so many others selling raffle and wine tickets and jumping in wherever they were needed.

Everyone who worked on getting sponsors especially Allison Auerbach, Michele Little, Sallie Matlack, Dotty Bryn.

Bless Laurice Hewitt for handling the financial end of this extravaganza and making sure the bags made it to the event.

Ingrid Beckman for the beautiful eye-catching postcards and poster designs.

Shannon Saharski for keeping track of the vendor signups

Jeanne Moyer for putting info up on the Coffee and Contacts website and taking photos with Alice Osborn at the event.

The Women's Center of Wake County for all the great work they do and especially Jean Williams, Jane Tobia and Holly Gray.

Our sponsors Costco, Skirt Magazine, Women's Edge magazine, Total Wine, Diane Bean of CruiseOne, and The Wake County Shrine Club

And to all the vendors and attendees who without their support nothing would have happened at all!!!

Love, health, prosperity and wisdom to you,
Eileen Batson
Batson Group Marketing and PR
Raleigh, NC
"Promotion Resistance Equals Non-Existence"