Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gift Card Tips for Business and Personal Gifting

Gift cards are the most desired gift among women, and third-most desired gift among men, according to a survey by Needham, Mass.–based Tower Group. They are attractive to both givers and receivers for their ease of use.

Rich Killian, a past president of the Incentive Gift Card Council (IGCC), says...

* The best way to give a gift card is as an unannounced spot reward;

* Do it in person and in front of peers;

* Communicate the gift so that other workers see some reward;

* Personalize the gift card, put a letter with it;

* There's some trophy value with a gift card. You can share it with family or a friend, and say, 'I earned this for doing a good job.' You don't share with a friend that you got a cash bonus or how much that was. There's more lasting value if you can share it with more people."

Other tips
* For an alternative to the on-the-spot gift card presentation, post gift card on the company bulletin board and declare that the first employee to close a major deal would receive the prize.

* One of the reasons for corporate executives to hire an incentive professional is that they can and should monitor issues like a card-issuer's financial health.

* When an employer can tailor their incentives to the specific preferences of each employee, they increase their ability to attract and retain great staff. Of course, the employer also has to be doing all the other things right as well, in terms of providing an environment where an employee wants to work, to ensure the employee remains motivated.

* Gift cards create a memorable experience associated with the company.

To wrap up -- A gift card is best used as an incentive, And of course, the gift should be presented in person with an explanation of what the employee did to deserve it.

Eileen Batson
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