Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rant - What are the North Carolina legislators thinking??

What are the legislators thinking – we’ve got money lying around in sacks, just to pay more tax? We have to balance our budgets by adjusting our personal spending habits; it’s time they did as well.

I’d like to see some transparency in how our dollars and cents are spent – actual amounts and on what. A million here, a million there – "show me the money!" If they don’t know how to be less selfish with funds for their favored programs they should watch the budget-cutting scene in "Dave" at their own expense.

Here’s an idea – how about a series in the N&O devoted to what’s happening in government with a line item budget breakdown and accountability. It should not be too difficult to get the info, after all we still have the North Carolina public access law and the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled citizens seeking public information don't have to identify themselves. Would make for great investigative journalism.

If our elected officials want more pork for themselves I suggest they visit a local farm.