Sunday, September 19, 2010

Book Review: Happiness Is Growing Old at Home

I had the good fortune to catch an interview on Book Watch that featured Maria Tadd.  I sent her a note via Facebook and we exchanged comm.  She asked if I would review her book and I gladly agreed.  Here is that review:
 Maria Tadd’s book Happiness Is Growing Old at Home is the ultimate manual that aging parents and their adult children should own and read.  The material in each of the six chapters addresses and answers questions I didn’t even know I had, validates the things I have done and am doing right, points to areas I need to be more cognizant of, and does it all in a warm and engaging style. Her informative, guiding words made me feel I was in a personal conversation with her traveling down a path many of us are walking. As my 89 year old dad lives alone in the home my parents shared for the past 30+ years, I am bolstered by the fact that he and his friends watch out for each other and he participates in activities that keep him young in spirit. Many thanks to you Maria for helping us all by sharing your wisdom and your heart.