Friday, July 15, 2011

Why Isn't My Book Selling?

You're a writer. You worked hard on your manuscript. Hopefully you have engaged an editor, your cover is unique and a real grabber, as is your title. The finished book actually looks like a traditionally published one and you have taken the time to get some reviews before you rushed to print.

You thought writing the book was tough. Well get ready...

When it comes to marketing, there is no silver bullet, no magic wand, no cure-all pill. It takes work. Let's assume for a moment you have written a good book. It is vital to understand that all the PR, advertising, promotions, web sites, social networking, book signings and talks won't guarantee you a bestseller. But if the following elements are not in place, it is a sure-fire bet the chances of your book selling beyond some of your family and friends is slim.

To improve your chance for success make sure you have these key elements in place:

1. A Budget
2. A Marketing Plan for the Book
3. A Publicity Plan for the Book
4. A Web Site for the Book
5. An Effective Web Site
6. The book is listed on Amazon and Amazon Kindle
7. Have a message your readers can relate to. What is the WIIFM? (What's In It For Me) This is the benefit that will drive the reader to purchase your book.

There are many books, seminars, workshops, and blogs that have useful information, but none are in lieu of having the above in place.

What successful actions have you taken to increase the sales of your book?