Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Which Social Sharing Button is Right for Your Brand

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There are just so many darn social sharing buttons these days, and content marketing is more important than ever. As a user, it has created a moment of decision of choosing which channel  to share a particular news story, or cute video. The goal is to have as many network peers see the content, enjoy it, and re-share. There’s no shame in admitting gratification in people liking something you share.
As a marketer, its important to help users make this decision easily, and also ensure that your content is shared with the appropriate audience on the right channels. The best way to help users along the content sharing path is social sharing buttons. There are so many buttons to choose from, but highlighting them all can cause confusion the open the possibility of sharing to the wrong demographic.
Next time you want to share a piece of content, whether it be an article, blog post, video, or image, think about who you’d like to see it. Take a look at our infographic to learn about which buttons play well with girls, boys, nerds, jocks, and class clowns alike.