Friday, August 3, 2012

20 things PR is NOT

While reading Jackson Wightman's article I was reminded of the infamous "he loves me - he loves me not."  This is the PR version thanks to Jackson Wightman.

"Here is a quick checklist of what Jackson considers what PR is not:

1. The department whose sole purpose is to write, edit, and hawk press releases.

2. The business function whose only raison d’etre is publicity.

3. A business function that deals with the media and/or bloggers and NOTHING else.

4. A way to get free advertising—pure and simple.

5. Ever guaranteed to generate coverage.

6. Ever 100 percent controllable.

7. A profession filled entirely with unctuous jackasses.

8. Journalism’s peon.

9. A highly scientific discipline.

10. A craft that has figured out—with any sort of consensus—how its true organizational value should be measured.

11. A business function from which many CEOs emerge.

12. A profession whose practitioners have sound knowledge of business fundamentals.[my note: some do .. some don't.] 

13. The vocation that idiots who could not make it as journalists go into.

14. Always best carried out by former journalists.

15. The only place to house social media.

16. A complex voodoo priesthood that can only be carried out by geniuses with tons of experience.

17. Capable of whitewashing all sins.

18. A profession whose practitioners are all adept at speaking plain English.

19. Necessarily or invariably the adversary of media.

20. A synonym for spin.

By Jackson Wightman - Contributing Editor at PR Daily, the largest daily e-newsletter in the PR world. This work helps Jackson stay on top of the latest developments in Communications and social media. It has also taught him about the softer side of indentured servitude.