Saturday, February 15, 2014

What We Learned from the Marlboro Man

What we learned from the Marlboro Man is an excerpt from "Politically Incorrect" by Bruce Wiseman with his permission. Read the full article on positioning by Bruce Wiseman, President & CEO of On Target Research, a Glendale, California based market research and survey company

Even though the Marlboro Man retired in 1999,  he had a run of nearly half a century wherein the iconic image drove the brand to the top of the cigarette world and into the minds of the planet’s smokers.

1- Ideally, your brand should be descriptive of your product. But if not, it must communicate and be understood outside of the corporate boardroom: American Express, Microsoft, Kelloggs.

2- Use an image to communicate your position: The Playboy bunny, Apple’s apple , Nike’s swoosh, the Golden Arches, or the Starbucks mermaid.

Yes, sometimes it’s just a name like Coca Cola, IBM or Disney. But theses brands mean something, they aren’t a bunch of letters thrown together as some secret corporate code.

3- Your brand’s position (whether a new product or rebranding an existing one) should come from the mind of your public. That way your marketing communicates to them instantly – you are giving them a message that is already tied to something in their mind.

This is done with special kinds of surveys.
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