Tuesday, October 13, 2015

6 Reasons to Write an eBook for Your Business

Eileen Batson
As a publicist and owner of Batson Group Marketing and PR for 25+ years, I offer consultation and implementation services for business owners, authors and artists to help them be well known, well thought of and well-remembered. Contact me on Facebook and email me. Here's today's tip:

While there are a variety of reasons to write an eBook, here are six that are proven winners.

1. It can establish you as an expert   By sharing your knowledge you can help others while building your reputation as the ‘go to person’ in your particular niche.  

2. Write it once and it is there forever. You may need to update it from time to time but that's not a difficult task.

3. eReaders provide a movable feast for knowledge and entertainment and the demand is growing. By 2025, e-readers are projected to make up approximately 75 percent of the total market.

4. An eBook is to your email list as plant food is to, well, plants. Make your eBook available to download for sale or as a freebie from your website - to get people to sign up for your newsletter. The buyer needs to enter their name and email address to download it or use it as bait (as a freebie) to get people to sign up for your newsletter.  Either way you have a valuable new contact on your database who may go on to buy your product or service.

5. Increase traffic to your website By promoting your eBook across social media platforms you will drive traffic to your website or blog.  Seed your eBook with a call to action. Include your web address and special offers that direct readers to your site where they may buy more from you.

6. Exposure is a good thing. The more you are seen around the internet the easier it is for you to be seen as an authority – exposure breeds credibility and being able to say you are an author takes you to the next level.

What's your eBook?

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