Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Role of PR in Performance Management

When we are dealing with others to gain their agreement or cooperation or support for something, we have entered the field of public relations, or PR for short. 

Taking the principle into the realm of performance management, we see how incentives can be employed ensure that activities and outcomes congruent with an organization's objectives.

From an early age, we’re exposed to the basic economic (and behavioral) principle that incentives motivate us to behave in a certain way. “Eat your lima beans and you can have dessert!” While we have all moved past this simple analogy it does prove the point. Perhaps this is why most American companies are in love with incentives; consumers are primed for this tactic, even if they are fully aware of the reason behind the incentive.  And yet, there are a surprising number of marketers who don’t use incentives to their full advantage. [http://www.hbagency.com/the-value-of-incentives/]

What’s your People Performance Management Score? 
Whether you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur, business owner or employee, evidence shows that organizations that employ the following tactics have greater success.   
Does your company engage your associates, employees and customers? The Internal Marketing Best Practices study found the following are keys to engagement: empowerment, two-way communication, a vibrant rewards and incentive program, corporate philanthropy and special events designed specifically for them.  – Give yourself 1 point for each key to engagement you currently implement.
Does senior management buy-in and support incentive programs? Senior management – or you if you are a solopreneur - must be involved in establishing incentives that reward customer referrals, purchases, etc., as well as teamwork of associates/employees in meeting customer or overall organizational needs and goals. – Give yourself 1 point for each incentive awarded over the past 6 months. 
Does your company understand that employees and associates are segment to be marketed to as well as existing customers and the public? While communications should be integrated to ensure everything you’re saying and doing consistently supports the most important company objectives and customer requirements know, that one size of communication doesn’t fit all. Give yourself 1 point for each communication to your different publics over the past 6 months..
Does your company clearly communicate—and deliver on— your Brand Promise? Noted by the Internal Marketing Best Practices study, branding bridges the gap between “promise makers” (marketers) and “promise keepers” (employees). Give yourself 1 point for each incentive awarded over the past 6 months.
1 - 5 points: You are off to a good start but could some help. Individuals have many motivations to do what they do, the trick is figuring out how to unlock that.
6 – 10 points: Going OK. You are working hard  Perhaps the right marketing and PR incentive program can help.
11 - 20 points: Good Job. You are on your way.  
21+ points: Outstanding. Client and employee/associate retention reaping profits and good will. Keep up the good work.
By truly understanding our audience, and who we want our audience to be, we gain understanding of what really motivates their actions. Armed with this knowledge we can provide real incentives that deliver value to both the consumer and the company making the offer.
You can be well known, well thought of and well-remembered!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

10 +1 Press Release Must Haves...

If you are going to write your own news release here are a few key tips.

1. Be newsworthy What makes a story newsworthy?

  • Timing - Current topics
  • Importance - The number of people affected by the story
  • Local - The closer the story to home, the more newsworthy it is
  • Celebrity - Famous people get more coverage just because they are famous
  • Human Interest aka Feature Stories - Human interest stories appeal to emotion and may disregard the firt four points of newsworthiness;
2. Be timely
3. Contain quotes from a customer or company spokesperson
4. Be informative not a sales pitch
5. Have an eye-catching headline 60-100 characters long
6. Answer who, what, when, where, why and how
7. Write to the publication’s style
8. Suggested Structure:
  • Paragraph 1 must capture the essence of your story in two sentences of 25 words or less 
  • Paragraph 2 should give more detailed information
  • Paragraph 3 often contains a quote from a customer or company spokesperson
  • Paragraph 4  is a simple wrap-up that can contain final information such as company website, store location, etc.
9. Contain contact info so reader if public or journalist can get more info if needed
10. Have a resource box at the end about the subject of the release.  See sample:

          About Marilyn Shannon
          Marilyn is an engaging speaker who shares her passion for life, knowledge and expertise as an energizing           meeting facilitator, entertaining international web TV/Radio host, successful mediator and author. Through           her highly regarded private coaching practice she enables her clients to reach their visions, share their               voices and experience a fulfilling life. A loving mom and “gamma”, she shares her life with her husband               Mark, five adult children and grandchildren in Cary, NC.  http://www.marilynshannon.com/

 11. Have a MEDIA tab on your website for your releases, media kits, tip sheets, logos and images.