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6 Tips on What Your Social Media Marketing Specialist Should Be Doing for You

Often I am asked "What should my Social Media VA be doing for me?"

Here is a short and I hope useful answer to that question

The classic social media responsibilities are:

1. Creating a voice that represents the brand

2. Monitoring trends and competitors

3. Participating in Twitter conversations

4. Maintain client social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and key platforms.

5. Write and post regular updates to the social media accounts. (Client and VA need to determine what regular means!)

6. Work with client to determine optimal content to post.

In any event, be sure to agree on the duties, actions and reports you want your VA to provide.

Here are Kathy and Emilia's 6 Tips for Marketing a Book through Companies and Organizations.

•Deepen your own network rather than start with cold calling people.
•Look at the value you can bring to an organization that fits their goals, priorities and needs.
•Make it easy and effortless to work with you. Get them what they need when they need it.
•Have a plan and an agenda that works for you. Stick to it.
•In your presentation, slam it out of the park. Make them look great. Your success is their success.
•Ask folks you're working with, "When this event is over and everyone has left, what are they leaving with that they didn't come in with?"

A good web statistics service that keeps you up to date on: number of visitors, page views, most viewed pages, where you’re traffic is coming from, what keywords people used to find your site and more! It lets you to select any time frame you want to look at (last week, last month, etc.).

Google Analytics

How Often Should You Send Press Releases?

In today's high-tech age of mass communication rapidly disseminated, just one press release is generally not enough.

While you don't want to 'flood the market' with repetitive information, it's important to keep your news on the forefront of media attention.

Depending on your market some businesses can send weekly others monthly. Once a week is a good barometer to measure the media interest but DO NOT SEND the same information every week. DO SEND a weekly press release with a new piece of news or a new angle to your product or business.

Every improvement, addition or activity related to your product or service is essentially news to the public. Make the release interesting terms and angle it for media interest.

You have your name in print on a regular basis if you are hoping to draw clients or customers.

Each week, write a release following up on the media interest. When you run out of new interest, find a new aspect of your product or service and elaborate on that. Remember, keep it newsworthy to keep your name in the news.

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